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Christine says:
19-Dec 2013

There are lots of ants crawling along the perimeter of the living hall to the kitchen then to the room beside the kitchen then all the way to the window curtains in the king size bedded room. The ants continue their activity through out the 3 days even though we have done the mopping everyday during the stay. The bedsheet and quilt in the king size bedded room has many stained and made me feel uncomfortable. We will not consider to stay again.

Brand New Melaka Homestay replies:

Hi Christine,

Thank you for the feedback. The bedsheet and quilt has been replaced with a new set. I'm very sorry about the ants, this may be due to raining season. However, I ll put the anti-ant powder.


21-Dec 2013
WilliamF says:
26-Sep 2013

We have a very bad experien with D'Impiana Homestay. After we make the payment and get the contact detail from iBilik, we called the contact person and we get the address, the house number is No.23.
On the day we arrive, we was suprise when we go into the house, there are bed and cloths on the room. The house was stay by another group of family. The owner rent the house to two different family on same day. This is a huge mistake and we have no house to stay. We call the owner but no person answer the phone. Another group of family call they house owner which is different with our contact detail. Finally the other owner able to contact her friend and find out this is a mistake among them to rent the house to 2 different family on same date. Thus we have to move another place to stay as the other family already stay 2 days at the same house.
The other house is no aircond in the room as we original rented, the facilities are in very bad condition; no hot shower supply in the bathroom, no water supply at kitchen, the house are dirty and smell.
We complain with the owner and he say:" so what? This it is, RM300 only, what you want? either you want to stay or you can leave now." We already make full payment to iBilik and have no choice.This is a very bad experience that we never had. We have waste our time and cannot get what we pay for.
I hope iBilik can ban D'Impiana Homestay to listed in iBilik to not soilt iBilik reputation.

Connie Yi Tang Chan says:
28-Aug 2013

The location was not that good because the third room was actually facing a septic tank and it smell so horrible. The room was okay but the toilets are not that clean as there were rubbish in the small dustbin (I guess it belongs to the previous batch who stayed in). The air-condition in the master bedroom was not functioning well because it just won't get cold.

teh yong her replies:

You check in 29.6.13 I known that you will write something to mislead others
But I never expected you will start your complaint after 2 month

1) I think your nose must be very sensitive ,my unit is at 4th floor and ground floor is restaurant if it is so smelly the restaurant wold had close

2) the small dustbin is for the lady to put the cotton pad ,maybe some hair or tissue which is too small not obvious

3)the air-cond are very new and very cold ,u had pressed wrongly the FAN button instead of COLD or you don't know how to use the CONTROL

09-Sep 2013
Michael Dunn says:
20-Aug 2013

The house was in very poor condition.
Dirty furniure, torn sofa. Worn out curtains.
The add stated fully furnished. There was ONE pan.
A very disappointing overpriced experience.

Mike Dunn

Wan Adibah says:
08-Nov 2012

Stayed for 2 nights at Melacca Perfect Homestay during the weekend. The host is friendly, she even let us to have free extended one hour time before checked out. My 3 children were very happy with the swimming pool. The aircond worked well. The kitchen and bathroom was clean, and the sofa is big and nice.

Everything was okay except for that:
1. They have no air-cond in the living room.
2. On our first night at this place, we could not sleep until midnight as there was loud noises from the neighbourhood. They had an outside party with loud musics, dances and disco lights. It was really frustrated as we checked in at 7.00 p.m. and were very tired and really need to relax.
3. Really frustrated with the bed in the Master bedroom- the spring matress that is provided is very bad. We can feel every inch of the spring when we lied down. We did not use the duvet as the blanket, instead we have to use it as layer to soften the effect of the 'spring'.

Initially, I plan to stay at this place during the weekend for about a month as I have some job at Malacca. However, I have cancelled the plan. I rather drive from my home to Malacca every day on the weekend, than staying at this place.

Donald G. Ng replies:

Hi, Thanks for your comments.
We apologised for the party coming from the next community as we do not have control.
As for the bed, we changed them yearly and you are the first to tell us about the condition (we take note and appreciate your feedback.
Wish you safe trips even as you travel often to Melaka.

11-Nov 2012
Tan Poh Sin says:
27-Aug 2012

The place is nice and comfortable though outside looks old and dirty. They need to improve customer service. And it was a bad memory because the lock is spoiled and we need to wait outside for about 30mins for the owner to come and fix it, after some times it is stilln ot fix yet and we need to sleep in worry because the main lock is opened. I hope this won't happen to next customer. Thanks

Residents Stay replies:

we truly apologize to bring you a bad memories when stay with us, but we have to clarify few thing here,
1) the padlock is new for about 2 month only, we have no idea about its spoil, this is just an accident which out of our expectation.
2) we have tried our best to rush to homestay once got your called, we need 30min to reach homestay as we stay 25min far from homestay, and we need time to prepare some tools as well.
3) as spoken, we can't destroy the padlock due to late night which will disturbing neighbor around, so we have to leave the grill door open.
4) although the grill door is open but our main fire rated door is still lockable.

We understand that things happen has been irreparable, but we promise will regularly check the safety lock to ensure that the incident does not happen again, thank you for your comment.

warmest rgd,

27-Aug 2012
Tang WT says:
30-Apr 2012

I booked it because of the good reviews I read. But unfortunately when I checked in at 2.30 pm, I found that the kitchen floor was sticky, I didn't check other items because I was in a hurry to go out.
When I came back at 11 pm, the floor was cleaned and not sticky anymore. But to my horror, I found some strands of long hair on the pillow cases and bedsheets. Obviously they were not replaced after the previous guests had moved out.
I wouldn't stay here again in future.

Donald G. Ng replies:

Dear Tang,

We thanked you for your stay with us. But regret that the few strands of hair had put you off.
We believe the hairs will from the cleaners who had cleaned the room a day earlier.
We truly apologize to you for the awkward situation and assure that we will double-checked our units again after the cleaners have done the cleaning.

30-Apr 2012
winnie-yhy says:
13-Oct 2011

not very good, as the water is too slow
the bed also very bad.

Mr. Teh replies:

1) the water pipe is changed to new,for me is ok

2) I just changed the bed yesterday,anyway thank you for the information

03-Nov 2011
noor ilyanni binti rosli says:
01-Dec 2013

Morning.... Kecewa...
1.) sehari sebelum check in baru di inform oleh owner yg pool xberoperasi kerana ada masalah filter pool. Saya terima kerana owner bgtau dia juga baru mendapat tahu... Tetapi masih rsa kecewa kerana family mmg nak mandi pool.
2.) kecewa kerana ketika brjalan2 di sekitar pool guard memberitahu sudah seminggu pool xbole broperasi... Knp saya tidak diberitahu awal?
3.) saya bukan baru kali ini berurusan dgn i Bilik, sebelum ini saya menyewa di tanjung samudera pantai puteri, owner MR TAN mmg bagus, tapi kali ini saya sedih apabila owner mengeluarkan kenyataan seperti family saya xpandai menjaga property dia dan seperti mengelak untuk memulangkan wang pendahuluan... Sampai membiarkan kami, pelanggan nye ini menunggu di kaki lima hampir sejam...
4.) harap owner dapat prihatin la pd keperluan pelanggan, dan saya tidak akan mengambil lokasi ini lg sebagai tempat penginapan kani sekeluarga. Tq

goh nguang teng replies:

1 and 2)
29.11.13 dapat tahu swimming pool masalah and allow guest to cancel 29.11.13 booking
29.11.13 immediately call u and asking you want to cacel the booking kah? and you tak mahu cancel and lagi complain about the swimming pool
3 and 4)
tempat saya tiada reception bukan hotel so u nak check out early you have to call me kalau u tiada call me macamana saya boleh tahu you sudah check out
u macam tak penah keluar jalan

saya tahu u tak puas hati
1)swimming pool
2) saya tanya u macamana u boleh tidur dalam 3 bilik unyuk 20 lebih orang ?
u anwer saya jangan susah hati

saya boleh cancel you punya booking kerana saya ada tulis max 9 orang tetapi saya kasihan u

you tak tahu keadan saya lagi banyak complain susahlah u

I admit The living room is small,and the space is not big enough for ordinally sofa. . Thank you

05-Dec 2013
maris318 says:
30-Oct 2013

i did not stay here on those date because the owner already accept the payment from outsider while in fact i'd received email informing me to pay for the homestay. when i informed the owner that i have paid, the owner said it has been booked by others.

when the problem is rought to ibilik for refund of payment, they hesitate to do so and in fact i have to inform the owner myself to refund my money. wth.

at last, the owner gave me another contact no for another homestay owner for rent. and wallah ... the homestay given is worst. with 1 bathroom without kitchen utensil and dirty room, i rate this homestay, the owner, ibilik management, the booking process....worst!

shekfull al syatry replies:

regret over the incident,suppose you contact me directly during incident.

02-Dec 2013
Nadeem A. Salam says:
06-Oct 2013

We booked the house for 2 days,
And walked out after the very first night.

Flush doesnt work in the main toilet,
only 1 AC all 5 bedrooms works well.

House was not furnished properly and gave a very empty and spooky vibe.
Also the house is in a very old condition and not properly well maintained.

for all this the owner OVERCHARGED us on a crazy amount of 576rm for two nights,
Just before we arrived to melacca we stayed in a glorious homestay in Kuantan for 520 for two nights that was modern furnished, 5 bedrooms with all working AC's, no problems whatsoever.

Also the beach pictures posted in his listing is sadly nothing compared to the beach located near the homestay.

Also there was used rolls of tissue around the living room, which was disgusting.

nicolng replies:

Thanks for your feedback
Main toilet - Minor problem with flush has since been fixed.
Aircond - Periodic cleaning & servicing of aircond have always been done.
Thorough cleaning & servicing done again last 2 week.
Homestay has always been very well kept & so far no complains.
You are the foreigner, maybe not familiar here, different location got different price.
Pantai Emas Villa is located along the Klebang Beach,Malacca & very strategic location nearby the town area. Actually, you got the offer & most cheapest price with the very good location here.
Anyway, Thank you for taking your time to drop us a comment.
we will do it better :)

01-Nov 2013
Mok Vincent says:
05-Jun 2013

I won't stay here anymore even though there is no choice! Everything in this apartment was very old and broken! First, start from their living room the TV and fan is very old and the sofa was already broken! Second, some of the dining chair is broken also! Third, there have a flushing problem in share bathroom and for the bath tub in master bedroom was super dirty! Fourth, there have a bad smell inside every bedroom and their bed sheet was very dirty, the lighting in one of the bedroom was super noisy. In addition, there is no toilet paper and shampoo provided! There only give one towel and one soup in each room. The picture in website was looks nice and clean but once enter into this apartment is totally different with what i see in website and expected! Disappointed!

Chrislau123 says:
17-Apr 2013

i unhappy for my home stay, because the owner is sudden change my house to another house, the condition for that house is not so clean, and only got 2 room have air-cord, as promises that slidely different, last, the all toilet don't have any water heater,
my family is first time stay for home stay, they really disappointed, i believe that your house get some trouble, but i think you have to find a better house for us. thank.

Moganadass says:
17-Dec 2012

The place is awesome and everybody in my family loves the place. But our biggest disappointment is that the administrative part of it. The above mobile number was not active/switch off when I tried to call around 1.30am. I tried many times till 3.00pm. After my payment (online payment) at iBilik, I did not get the address of the place. What I had was the map to this place. We managed to find the place around 3pm but nobody around. We called iBilik to inform about our situation and they too do not have any other number beside the one listed in this page. Finally we manage to find a number (owner's sister mobile number) and called her. After a while the owner called me (from a different number) and informed me that her phone battery was out and there was a miscommunication and asked us to wait till 6pm in order for them to clean the place. Anyway, they have given us the place around 5.10pm. It was my worst experience because I was in front of the house with all my family members but cannot get the owner and iBilik do not have any other number to contact her. Although the owner gave me extra hours for us to check-out but putting all of us in the great pressure for almost 3 hours is a bad experience. Hope the owner and especially iBilik do something about this.

Jean Tay replies:

Hi, Mr Moganandass, we were so sorry about the matter, otherwise we will make sure everything going smooth for the coming reservation, thanks for your opinion.

19-Dec 2012
06-Jun 2012

I have cancelled the booking but still you did not refund back my money. You have misleading the user. Please refund back my money.

carolchia1006 says:
30-May 2012

bad service, i won't use i bilik to book any hotel or apartment. feel be cheated, because i dint get the services apartment that i book and the apartment that i stay total different from the pictures and lousy. that is totally different from the website. melaka service apartment become garden city apartment. at the website did mention.the customer service line is 24 hour call hold day also not one pick up the phone. service really suck.

farradeeba says:
30-Apr 2014

Cantik, murah, sangat selesa, pemandangan hijau, semua disediakan dan owner yg baik hati...sangat di-recommend-kan untuk sesiapa yg ingin menginap d sini..

anjung laman replies:

tkasih byk

25-Jun 2014
30-Apr 2014

My family had a short stay at this lovely place last December (18th - 20th December 2013). The condo was very clean, cozy and was exactly like advertised. The condo was at a strategic location . Easy to get to the town and every where. The owner was friendly too. Thank you.

Amos Wong says:
08-Apr 2014

Cosy and clean. Not the most conveniently located but it's definitely worth the stay for budget travelers looking for a value for money and homely accommodation.

Residents Stay replies:

Hi Amos,
Thank you for your review :)

by Cami

10-Apr 2014
fad says:
29-Dec 2013

Rumah sangat bersih dan selesa.Tuan rumah peramah dan sangat mudah berurusan bersama.Terima kasih banyak-banyak.

KJ Homestay replies:

Tme kase byk2 pn fadilah. Kegembiraan daripada pihak anda, kepuasaan daripada pihak kami. Datanglah lagi melawat Melaka. Tme kase sekali lagi krna memilih KJ Homestay. Semoge kite berjumpe lagi nnti.

29-Dec 2013