431 Reviews In Bandar Melaka

Vic Sching Tee says:
05-Sep 2012

Location is good but building too old
room big bed good and very clean but kictchen inside stench.

Peter Yeo replies:

So far no one except you coment about the kitchen stench,maybe my nose are not so sensitive.Anyway i will take note about it and be more alert about the kitchen surrounding.Thank You for your comment and your view.

05-Sep 2012
Albert Wong Liang Terk says:
29-Aug 2012

There is no natural ventilation to both toilets. exhaust fans should be considered if window/ louvres is not possible.
It will be nice if a small fridge can be added to the unit so that the occupant can at least enjoy a cold drink.
The matteress had started to 'sink' in. Probably it is time to replace them.

Mr. Teh replies:

Refrigerator added

03-Jul 2013
Adi Yazid Rosli says:
27-Aug 2012

Overall the units are in good condition and service is also good. However, the unit is having problem with the water supply for the bathrooms. The low water pressure caused the bathroom to be usable only one at a time. I hope the owner will resolve this problem ASAP or else there won't be any repeat rental.

VGKFLY says:
27-Aug 2012

The air cond in the living room was not working. Water pressure in the bathrooms were bad. Even though cooking was allowed, there were no utilities available..? Water heater was not good. No washing machine available.

The location was good and the place was spacious.

jerry low replies:

Thanks for the comment.I value your opinion and I will lifting equipment .

15-Sep 2012
Mun Ching says:
24-Aug 2012

On the whole the apartment is clean and comfortable. The set back is there is no fridge and dinner table and chairs. Just to let you know the bedroom fan next to the toilet is not working. The area is quite convenient.

Anyway we had wonderful time.

teh yong her replies:

Fan Ok
Water heater added
Water pump added
Refrigerator added

10-Jul 2013

10-Jul 2013
09-Jul 2012

The location is strategic and the price is affordable. The motel is clean and the staff also very helpful. But room quite small.

tcstong says:
06-Jun 2012

Generally OK but one mattress in very bad condition and anyone who sleeps in it will sink into the bed and will not have a comfortable sleep.
Also, it would be good to have a small refrigerator.

Aileen Lim replies:

Ard change the mattress and place a refrigerator. Thanks and welcome again.

03-Jan 2013
Kimng says:
25-May 2012

Eventhough made full payment, the owner is still very secretive about the exact place of the apartment. Do not know why,would not allow us to check-in earlier than 2pm though there were no booking for the day, as shown in the booking time table. I do hope that he would be more flexible and understanding otherwise, this will be the first time and last time, I will ever recommend to anyone that is planning to get an accomodation around Melaka town (not very far, but not very walkable to Jonker street, ~20mins).

Mr. Teh replies:

I appreciate good customer and please dont mislead others. As stated in the page, check in is usually 2pm, out is 12pm, i need 2 hrs to clean the house. As u said i dont allow u to check in before 2pm, then that day u check out after 2pm and i didnt say anything or charge u extra money. Ok fine, u said u r a melaccan,how come u dont know the place? It serves no point and nonsense i want to hide my homestay's location,cant u see the google map in the webpage!

I would appreciate ur comment if ur statement is true but please dont talk craps here! Even a five star hotel will not welcome a problematic customer like you. I'm so sorry to say that!!

09-Jun 2012
kaven says:
21-Apr 2012

Hi, I just contact to Mr. Teh, he inform me say he not yet received the money. He ask me to inform to u.

Mr. Teh replies:

is due to the computer system error

09-Sep 2013
Noor Hafizah Jee Abdullah says:
04-Apr 2012


Maya watie replies:


19-Apr 2012
linashima says:
23-Mar 2012

saya hendak bercuti di melaka bersama keluarga

Homestay di Melaka replies:

penginapan kami selepas lebuhraya airkeroh akan melalui zoo,taman buaya,wonderland jaya jusco airkeroh,kelihatan air terjun tiruan (trafix light)terus trafix light (persimpangan pengkalan batu masuk kanan)terus akan nampak signboard sebelah kanan"Selamat datang Ke pengkalan batu -jalan ustaz abdullah talipon kami (017-3490218)

30-Mar 2012
Loi Ya Lee says:
21-Mar 2012

Nice location to go to Jonker Street.

Darman says:
14-Jan 2012

very clean and nice place to stay...advisable to everybody

Donald G. Ng replies:

Dear Darman,

Thank you for your compliments and your friendly advice to "everyone". Great to know you have become our friendly ambassador :)

08-Feb 2012
Mr. Teh says:
07-Jan 2012

200 is too expensive since the house is quite small. The surrounding area is a bit dirty. Otherwise it would be nice because jj and Tesco are near with walking distance. Another down side is no heater in the bathroom.

Sannly Cheng says:
31-Dec 2011

The house is easily found and is within the vicinity of Tesco, Jusco and central bus station.

The landloard is friendly and she shares tips on travelling around Melaka.

The house was considered clean and neat although there were a few cockroaches. It is equipped with cooking utensil, refrigerator & washing machine. However, there is no water heater, toilet rolls & the lock of toilet doors are broken.

We could not sleep on the 1st night due to constant loud noise as a result of the strong wind banged on the roof top.

Overall, we had a pleasant stay and the house was good enough to accommodate 6 adults and 5 children.

Puan Nah replies:

Thank you for your respond. Have already installed water heater at the back bathroom which is bigger.
Also installed astro (old type) but need to bring own astro card.
There is no more loud banging noise at the rooftop as the neighbour has cleared their roof linked to the homestay which is the cause of the noise.
Will look into the toilet doors lock to repair soonest.

28-May 2012
Kok Chan says:
24-Jun 2011

it ia a bit slow...

Mr. Teh replies:

is due to the computer system error

03-Nov 2011
Christine says:
19-Dec 2013

There are lots of ants crawling along the perimeter of the living hall to the kitchen then to the room beside the kitchen then all the way to the window curtains in the king size bedded room. The ants continue their activity through out the 3 days even though we have done the mopping everyday during the stay. The bedsheet and quilt in the king size bedded room has many stained and made me feel uncomfortable. We will not consider to stay again.

Brand New Melaka Homestay replies:

Hi Christine,

Thank you for the feedback. The bedsheet and quilt has been replaced with a new set. I'm very sorry about the ants, this may be due to raining season. However, I ll put the anti-ant powder.


21-Dec 2013
WilliamF says:
26-Sep 2013

We have a very bad experien with D'Impiana Homestay. After we make the payment and get the contact detail from iBilik, we called the contact person and we get the address, the house number is No.23.
On the day we arrive, we was suprise when we go into the house, there are bed and cloths on the room. The house was stay by another group of family. The owner rent the house to two different family on same day. This is a huge mistake and we have no house to stay. We call the owner but no person answer the phone. Another group of family call they house owner which is different with our contact detail. Finally the other owner able to contact her friend and find out this is a mistake among them to rent the house to 2 different family on same date. Thus we have to move another place to stay as the other family already stay 2 days at the same house.
The other house is no aircond in the room as we original rented, the facilities are in very bad condition; no hot shower supply in the bathroom, no water supply at kitchen, the house are dirty and smell.
We complain with the owner and he say:" so what? This it is, RM300 only, what you want? either you want to stay or you can leave now." We already make full payment to iBilik and have no choice.This is a very bad experience that we never had. We have waste our time and cannot get what we pay for.
I hope iBilik can ban D'Impiana Homestay to listed in iBilik to not soilt iBilik reputation.

Connie Yi Tang Chan says:
28-Aug 2013

The location was not that good because the third room was actually facing a septic tank and it smell so horrible. The room was okay but the toilets are not that clean as there were rubbish in the small dustbin (I guess it belongs to the previous batch who stayed in). The air-condition in the master bedroom was not functioning well because it just won't get cold.

teh yong her replies:

You check in 29.6.13 I known that you will write something to mislead others
But I never expected you will start your complaint after 2 month

1) I think your nose must be very sensitive ,my unit is at 4th floor and ground floor is restaurant if it is so smelly the restaurant wold had close

2) the small dustbin is for the lady to put the cotton pad ,maybe some hair or tissue which is too small not obvious

3)the air-cond are very new and very cold ,u had pressed wrongly the FAN button instead of COLD or you don't know how to use the CONTROL

09-Sep 2013
Michael Dunn says:
20-Aug 2013

The house was in very poor condition.
Dirty furniure, torn sofa. Worn out curtains.
The add stated fully furnished. There was ONE pan.
A very disappointing overpriced experience.

Mike Dunn