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Amey foudzy says:
19-Sep 2013

Very nice owner; easy to deal with. Very nice place to stay. Walking distance to the town. Highly recommended for those who are traveling with family members and who are looking for affordable and comfortable place to stay. In shorts "great value for money, everything for a nice budget trip!"

Mohamad Azlan Ishak says:
18-Sep 2013

Nice apartment to stay for family vacation in Kota Kinabalu with advance security system. Value for money.

Viviantian Bian replies:

Thanks a lot for the useful comment Mr Azlan, hope to see you and your family again :)

18-Sep 2013
MHS says:
11-Sep 2013

Clean and comfortable. Located at the heart of the city. Good service from the owner

selvi says:
04-Sep 2013

very nice & clean appartment eventhough a bit small.The guy who attended to us was friendly and helpful.

The air-conditioner in the hall was under repair while the air cond in the master bedroom was not cold enough. Overall, staying in this appartment was comfortable.

Viviantian Bian replies:

Thanks a lot for the useful comment ms Selvi. Yes i agree it is a bit small and suitable for four guest as i advertised. Sorry about the air-cond. Hope to see you again.

08-Sep 2013
Norlida says:
28-Aug 2013

The owner was very pleasant but firm. He insisted we leave by 12 noon even tough we asked if we can check out at 1 pm. Also in ibilik advertisement occupants are allowed until 8 people but the owner will charge if we ask for 1 extra pillow and towel for RM20 per day. The apartment was aptly furnished and quite clean. We had to buy extra forks and spoons as there weren't enough.

kennychoy says:
16-Jul 2013

This condo located at heard of city, nearby a lot of shopping mall just in walking distant. This condo is well maintain, clean and fully furnish, compare with hotel the room rate definitely is cheap if you have whole family at least 6 member to stay in this condo.

Owner Mr. Mike is very friendly and helpful, if i visit KK i will stay in this condo again.

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hajar aswad says:
15-Jul 2013

kediaman sangat selesa , sangat mudah akses pengangkutan dan tempat membeli belah. Kelengkapan dapur dan lain-lain sudah agak uzur dan perlu digantikan.
wbp family berpuashati dgn percutian dan kemudahan yg dinikmati.

mnm says:
10-Jul 2013

I have to thanks the host for the wondeful time my family and I had there. Host was very friendly, waited for us ( we were from Kundasang) for late check in. Guided us for local food as well. House is very spacious, tidy and nicely arranged.

Scenery at the beach is wonderful. All in all, I look forward for another visit. 2 thumbs up!

Ashraff Ali says:
22-Jun 2013

Marina Court at KK was excellent and the owner also very friendly. Thanks to iBilik and the owner too. Had a great time with my family members. Thanks!

Dmarina Court replies:

Thanks mr ashraff ali. Hope you will come again.

04-Jul 2013
sshima says:
09-Jun 2013

Overall very clean and nice. Enjoy our stay here
The pool was a bonus since we bring our children

* Microwave for preheat meal
* kiblat direction

Insyallah will stay again

Adani replies:

Thank you Pn. Shima ^_^ it's been a great pleasure to have you & family staying at Homestay Adani. We will consider the suggestion a.s.a.p ^_^ hope to see you again soon ^_^

10-Jun 2013
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Raime Bin Mohd Zain says:
29-May 2013

Okay, puas hati. Bilik bersih dan kemudahan memuaskan.
Cuma jalan ke sana dari KK mengelirukan sebab kena U-turn dan kena melalui Pos pengawal (mungkin terkawal keselamatan sedikit) dan bilik terlalu kebelakang.

Jim says:
27-May 2013

Generally its good and comfortable for family. The only setback was the location where its a bit of a distance to find food. Not many options and had to drive out to eat. The apartment itself, no issue.

Clarinda says:
22-May 2013

The place was nice and comfortable.

ahmad mizani says:
10-May 2013

Thanks to the owner, very helpful and kind, the apartment was very clean and well kept. Eventhough we just stayed for 1 nite from. 2 nites booked, we felt enjoyed and satisfied with the apartment and the location..close to restaurants and sundry shops. The only problem b4 we reached the aptmt was the GPS could not show the exact location ending US to. Move around the same location of t junction, merdeka supermarket and kfc and wet market for almost 2 hours. Overall, we enjoyed the trip and our short stay at the aptmt, thank u miss. Vivian hope to see u again.

Viviantian Bian replies:

Thanks a lot for the good comment Mr. Mizani, you have kept the apartment well during your stay, too. Felt sorry about the unreliable in using GPS to find the location. It happen to other guest before, that is why i provide a map from airport to the apartment. Anyway, glad that you all enjoyed your trip, especially your stay in my apartment. Hope to see you again. :)

14-May 2013
02-Apr 2013

Penginapan yang baik . Jarak yang bersesuaian antara tempat penginapan dengan airport dan pusat bandar. Kemudahan yang disediakan memberikan keselesaan kepada pengguna cuma alat penghawa dingin perlu di perbaiki.
Terima kasih kerana saya mendapat tempat penginapan yang amat bersesuaian untuk percutian ini.

Viviantian Bian replies:

Terima kasih. Penyelenggaraan akan dibuat dari masa ke semasa. Diharap sudi menginap lagi.

02-Apr 2013
marliana mohamed desa says:
28-Mar 2013

nice place vivian..tq

Viviantian Bian replies:

Thanks Marliana, hope to see you again :)

28-Mar 2013
b3n says:
16-Feb 2013

A top notch unit in general.
Would be perfect if grills are fitted over the windows.

Adani replies:

Thank you for staying with us and for the compliments ^_^. About the grill, we actually planning to fit the grill soon. Once again thank you ya ^_^

20-Feb 2013
Azmi92 says:
16-Feb 2013


Ainnoorul says:
04-Feb 2013

Cute house, clean.. and a most rent one.

Viviantian Bian replies:

Thanks Ainoorul.. hope to see you again.

12-Feb 2013
Pit Seymour says:
10-Jan 2013

Our host, Vivian, met us upon arrival and gave us keys and access card to the security gate. Fortunately, she had previously e-mailed us a map of the complex, which helped immensely in finding the place because there are so many different buildings, labeled G, H, J, M, etc. The designation "Apartment 2" applies to the entire complex, not one apartment, as would be in the U.S. The location is quite far from the main city, so it is better if guests have a car or some sort of transportation. We were unable to drive in KK, so we had to rely on taxis, which can get expensive over time, especially when you need to call them to arrange pickup. You normally have to walk to the security gate to meet your taxi, since they need you in order to get inside the gate. Once inside, it’s still easy to get lost in the complex until you're familiar with it. There is no lift, and getting up to the 3rd floor is quite a climb, especially if you have luggage to carry. There is no internet access, which is really necessary nowadays, especially for tourists. I did mention that to Vivian, so I hope she will consider adding it eventually. Although there was some problem with the air-con in the master room while we were there, the air-con in the other two rooms worked fine. I have to mention that Vivian has installed a brand-new washer that worked great, and clothes dry in the air very quickly in the laundry area. It was the first time we were able to do our laundry ourselves since we had started our trip. Except for not having internet access, we thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Vivian’s place. I would recommend it to a friend if they have transportation or don’t mind paying taxi fares. Ed and Pitmei Seymour

Viviantian Bian replies:

Thanks so much for the useful comment Pitmei. I agree with you, I will add the wifi with charge, since the apartment is quite cheap. Hope to see you again.

18-Jan 2013