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Felice Homestay 02 @ Tanjung Tokong

Posted by Felice on 14-Aug 2013
16 reviews
see su pheng says:
20-Dec 2014

we had good time in felice homestay. feel like at home.

Teri says:
02-Sep 2014

We had a wonderful family gathering at felice homestay, beautiful and cosy home environment and well equipped. Stephen, owner of the homestay is helpful and nice.

Simha says:
03-May 2014

great atmosphere with friendly host. Well maintained and comfortable place to stay....

Lisa says:
21-Mar 2014

The stay was enjoyable and my family had a great time. The place was clean and spacious. The owners were really friendly and helpful and was kind enough to accomodate to our request. We are even going back to stay again at the end of March. Good place for large family!

PeyLeng says:
10-Feb 2014

It's good and a nice place as shown in the picture. The house owner is friendly & nice. All my family members have a great time staying here. We definitely recommend it to all my friends and will stay here again for next time.

Corinna Ruxton says:
08-Jan 2014

This homestay was marvelous. Check-in & check-out was brief and person in charged is very trustworthy. We actually received message a day earlier prior to our stay, to inform us of the location via gps coordination and the check in prosedure and contact person. The house is clean and nicely decorated as shown in the photos. It is really spacious and comfortable. Some food and drinks are available at a minimum fees. This is very convenient as we do not need to drive out to buy beers & snacks.

We sure will come back again in near future. Thank you.

ZhiChen says:
31-Dec 2013

I had a class trip 4 days 3 nights to Penang and i chose to stay at Felice Homestay , it is such a nice place as seen as the picture , everything is perfect. The owner and his family was very friendly and helpful , every of your worries will be comfort easily. Felice homestay has food courts nearby , plaza and also Tesco , everything will be convenience , we do have BBQ and Steamboat. You don't need to worry about they security problem , is totally safe. Lastly , we do enjoy our class trip there , in that house full of our memories , not regret of choosing it , i strongly recommend it to all of you. Thanks.

Ong says:
27-Dec 2013

Me and my family members are very happy and really enjoyable during our 2 days stay at Felice Homestay as we can stayed under one roof and feel like at home again. The house is clean and tidy, well located and convenient to shop. The staff is very helpful. Definitely we will be back again. The only concerned is that there are a few CCTV installed inside the house which we feel not so comfortable.

Shariz says:
27-Dec 2013

If budget is not a factor to you, do try staying at this place. A really comfortable place, lots of rooms for the whole family, snacks that can cater for 3-4 days, with wi-fi that comes with the package. The location is just perfect as it is located between the town and Batu Ferringhi. It is only 10 minutes walk from the Gurney Plaza/Drive.

Just remember to bring along mosquitoes repellent with you.


karen02 says:
03-Dec 2013

When we first stepped into the house, the first impression of the house is comfortable, very clean and tidy. We wanted to give a like/thumbs up to the house. The house is also well-equipped with furniture, basic necessities and even massage chairs! It's totally same like you see in the pictures posted. Mr Felice is very nice whereby set up with a "mini bar" place in the kitchen and full with snacks and drinks though it is chargeable but the kids are enjoying it. Mr Felice and his family are very friendly, sincere and very helpful. There is a very minor problem which was immediately rectified but it does not affect the comfort of our stay at all.

Overall, we are very satisfied with our stay at Felice Homestay. We strongly recommend Felice Homestay to everyone and will come back again.

There are some suggestions and also room for improvement:
1. Master bedroom dressing table can add with a chair.
2. For kitchen, add some bigger bowl and cooking stove perhaps. Cause when hungry during late night time, we could not find any cooking tools to cook instant noodles.
3. Mattress add with the mattress protector instead plastic then everything will be perfect.

Hope to see you again in near future and thank you very much for the stay. We wish you all the best!

Karen and family

Ng Ken Jo says:
24-Nov 2013

Desperate to find lodgings for the final day of a class trip, I booked Felice's Homestay last minute, willing to accept anything and expecting the worst for booking so late, what i got was nothing short of incredible.

The first thing I would like to address would be the guest limit. It states 25 as the maximum, but keep in mind that this limit only applies if one desires the most optimal and comfortable living conditions possible. From personal experience, this three storey house can EASILY accommodate up to 40 guests, with only minimal squeezing required.

Next of course would be cleanliness and also the functionality of services provided. The house was basically spotless when we arrived, everything was neat and tidy, the bedding was clean and fresh, toilets were properly washed and maintained, and of course there was not a single pest in sight for the entire duration of our stay. Almost all the facilities were in working order, with only 2 exceptions. The first was a faulty heater causing there to be no hot water in the showers of just one of the rooms, and the next being an underpowered air-conditioner that didn't provide very adequate cooling in another. Both of these were minor problems, and the person in charge, Mr. Stephen, was very helpful all throughout, sending his technician to the scene immediately when I complained about these.

I'm sure most would agree that there is a difference between "a place to stay" and a true home. While most hotels offer the former for exorbitant prices, Felice Homestay offers the latter for a very reasonable one. The moment I stepped into the house, i knew I had made the right choice. Besides the necessary facilities expected of most accommodations where there is no point going into detail about, what made this homestay truly stand out was all the beautiful interior designing. Walls were fitted with pictures and ornaments, tabletops and shelves were lined with beautiful decorations, and even the stairwells were given attention, no corner of the house was spared from such beautification, there was even a mini garden included that was attached to the living room.

Of course, just forcing things in would make no sense, fortunately, this was not the case in Felice's Homestay, every single living space had a simple theme going about it, in no ways did any part of the house feel barren at all, and the decorations never felt forced or unnecessary.

The homestay also had several luxuries included worth mentioning.There were massage chairs on every floor in almost every room, and there was also a minibar where a wide variety of snacks and beverages were provided albeit at a small price. For the more technologically inclined, there was free wi-fi and also a computer provided. The living room had a wide-screen TV connected to another computer so that guests could watch anything they wanted from the internet on a big screen. All in all, it almost felt as if a very large family just moved out from their big and comfortable house for the night to make way for us.

I am seldom motivated to provide reviews, least of all a long and glowing one such as this, I hope my efforts are able to stand as a valid testament to how much me and my classmates enjoyed our stay in Felice's Homestay. I wouldn't think twice about staying there again, and neither would any of my 39 other classmates, if you're looking for lodging in Penang, I highly suggest that you give it a try.

ngyenyen says:
13-Nov 2013

This is a real great home stay.,gave us the feeling of "home".

About the house .... The moment we stepped into the house, we can strongly feel the effort and sincerity of the owner by its decoration and its cleanliness. Its modern yet cozy and warm.

About the facilities ... when i read about it description saying there is a massage chair in every room, i seriously doubt. But, its true and for travellers like us, its so relaxing to have such a luxury at night after whole day walk :p

One surprise thing is at a corner of the kitchen, they set up a snack area. The owner prepared quite a numbers of snacks, instant mee, instant drinks eg milo, coffee etc.. And when we open the fridge..our mouth opened wide!! Its filled with all kinds of drinks. They are all properly labelled (price & qty), and the prices are fair enough. This save our time and energy of shopping of grocery.

About the owner ... are so kind that she even recommend place for nice food worth the value, teach us route to our destination. A million thanks!

One last but not least touching was, the owner passed me a paper bag with a small pillow inside. Its for my baby!! I did mentioned in my booking that I will have one baby with me but i didn't expect they have considered deep into this. Again, million thanks!!

Will definitely choose this again for my future stay if I have another group gathering like this :>

SD Chin says:
05-Nov 2013

I will give a thumbs up on the stays in this unit. The unit is furnished & renovated as per advertised. It is so clean and comfort. My family were very happy spending their 2 nights over here.
The owners are so helpful and nice.
Definitely a perfect place for vacation stay.

Shirleen ooi says:
01-Nov 2013

We have a wonderful weekend training at this homestay. The exact design is according to the published picture.The accommodation is great & excellent. The owner is very helpful. We will definitely go back again.

Lin says:
16-Oct 2013

The owners were very nice and the house was spotlessly clean. The fridge was stocked up with drinks and there were snacks - chargeable of course. There were aircons in every room and heaters in the bathrooms. I liked how they connected the CPU to the TV so that we had internet on a big screen. Towels were provided but lint came off when wiped with it but was told that the towels will be replaced. Location was good as it was near to straits quay and gurney drive. Overall it was a good and comfortable stay! However, one qualm is the CCTV in the common areas (no CCTV in bedrooms-phew!). Felt like we didn't have privacy but I guess that's for the owner's own security.

Christine Seet says:
02-Oct 2013

We had a pleasant stay in this homestay and definitely will book again if we have big group to Penang on our next trip.