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Master Room at Gugusan Dedap, Kota Damansara

Gugusan Dedap, Kota Damansara

For your own safety and security, please visit the room you intend to rent before signing an agreement or paying any deposits, verify the identities of the agent and property owner, and defer any payments until the day you move in.

Rental & Deposit

Rental: RM 260.00

Preferences: Malay Male

Room type: Master Room ( Share Room )


Bilik Sewa Sharing Lelaki Melayu di Gugusan Dedap, Kota Damansara.

Saya mencari penyewa untuk bilik master kongsi berdua (Mencari 2 penyewa)

Ianya berhampiran dengan MRT Surian, NSK, Giant, The Strand, Sunway Giza, IKEA, The Curve.

Didalam bilik disediakan tilam, cadar, katil bujang, almari dan kipas siling.

Didalam rumah tersedia Astro Njoi, tv 40", sofa, set meja makan, peti ais, mesin basuh auto, ampaian, dapur memasak bersama peralatan memasak.

Sewa RM260 setiap bulan dan dibayar sebelum 5hb setiap bulan
Bayaran masuk (Sewa Sebulan + Deposit Sewa Sebulan)



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  • Scott Stevens

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