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MFJB Muslim Bungalow Homestay

Posted by Jumana on 30-Mar 2012
8 reviews
Amiruddin says:
19-Dec 2013

sgt best stay kt cni...rase mcm stay kt umah sndiri...

Jumana replies:

Terima kasih diatas kunjungan anda.

20-Dec 2013
Mohd Hashim Bin Abas says:
03-Jul 2013

It was a very nice stay for my family and me. The accommodation was excellent, with all the necessary facilities available. The house owner was very nice and friendly; she made sure everything was okay for our brief stay. I'm sure to stay there again for my next visit to Johor Baru, and I'll recommend it to friends who would be going there for a visit.

Jumana replies:

Thank you very much for choosing our homestay. It is our pleasure to serve guest with best service. You most welcome again to our muslim friendly homestay

17-Jul 2013
Allan Ambrews says:
28-Jan 2013

I would definitely recommend this place. As a summary, the owner provides all of the followings:

- Sejadah & Kiblat (most important)
- Cozy Bed & Furniture
- Towels,
- Electrical appliances (TV, Kettle, Electric Kitchen, Fridge, Washer Machine, Heater-Shower.

I would give them a 5-stars rating for their service, friendliness and package.

It was surely worth the price we pay.


Jumana replies:

Thank you very much for choosing our homestay. We hope you enjoy your stay and do come again if you visit Johor next time.

30-Jan 2013
zakiaha79 says:
25-Jan 2013

the house is clean and might consider to come again

Jumana replies:

Thank you for choosing our homestay and do come again for your next visit to Johor

30-Jan 2013
siti dalila says:
02-Jan 2013

rumah cantik, besar dan selesa. kemudahan lengkap. berbaloi dengan bayaran yang dikenakan. cuma rumah agak berhabuk-tak elok untuk pesakit asma. cerek air rosak.

Jumana replies:

Terima Kasih di atas kunjungan anda, kami akan perbaiki segala komen Puan.

05-Jan 2013
Azlin Ashaari says:
17-Dec 2012

We had difficulty looking for the place as it was our first time in Skudai. However, found that it is quite near to Legoland so that was really good.
The place is comfortable and commensurate with the rental rate.

Jumana replies:

Thank you for choosing our homestay for your short term vacation. Do come againon your next visit. Your most welcome.
Thank you.

21-Dec 2012
Maryam Shafie says:
26-Aug 2012

السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ,

Kami berpuashati dgn servis yg disediakan
Cuma ada beberapa kerosakan yg
Tidak dibaiki. Water heater di dalam

Bilik air utama rosak.tombol pintu
Master bedroom tidak ada. Pintu
Berlubang lah..sbb tombo nya tidak ada..

Yg lain semuanya ok.

Jumana replies:

Terima Kasih kerana kunjungan anda. Kami telah gantikan tombol yang baru.

06-Sep 2012
06-Jun 2012

clean house, nice neighbourhood

Jumana replies:

Thank you. Do come again next time if you visit Johor / Singapore

06-Jun 2012